Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Summer

I have so many fun ideas I want to do for Summer, but with my job as chaotic as it is, I'm not sure exactly what I will get to do. Here are things on the Calendar so far!

June: 14th - 16th - Wedding Weekend with my friend Lauren - I have the lovely honor of singing at her wedding

27th - 30th - Desperation! The best conference in the world! Just sayin!

July: Empty
August: Empty
September: YWAM

Wow, so I need to fill my summer a bit. Here are some things I'm looking forward to:
Summer Concerts/Festivals: Celebrate Lincoln Ethnic Festival, Jazz in June, Maha Music Festival in August (Omaha)
Farmer's Market(s)
Road trips to KC
State Fair(s) - Iowa (August 9th -19th), Nebraska (August 24th - September 3rd)
Omaha Day Trips
College World Series, Salt Dog Games
Amusement Park Road Trip??

June 8th - The Midland Band (Bourbon)
June 21st - Orion Walsh (The Zoo Bar)
July 3rd - Avett Brothers
July 24th - Logic
July 25th - Childish Gambino (Kansas City Mo)
August 1 - The Black Keys
August 5th - Gavin Degraw
August 7/10 - Coldplay (Roadtrip anyone?)

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