Wednesday, June 6, 2012

B is for Boisterious

I'm linking up with these two blogs: Miss Indie and Elizabeth Hayley

Obsessing over Dr. Who. Seriously, this show is fantastic! If you can get past the first episode! I mean, I've never liked science fiction this much. It always scared me. Now, I can't wait to play the next episode. I'm watching it right now! I really like my new thirty one bag. It was rather pricey but very good quality. Wedges. I just got my toes done, so I feel I can share my feet with the world... But, in all seriousness I've purchased three new pairs! Can't wait to show them off. Maxi skirts/dresses. They are awesome and great to wear with wedges! Diet Dr. Pepper. I can't get enough of this stuff. My sister asked if she could taste it. She hates diet and said it tasted just like the real thing. HAH! The real thing she says. 

Working on getting my act together when it comes to eating right, drinking water and exercising. Songs for my friends wedding next weekend. An overdue mother's day present for my mother. Creating new outfits. 

Thinking about how I need to work on YWAM applications. Finishing my room. Getting rid of all my junk.

Listening to Old school Justin Timberlake. When does he drop his new album?

Wishing for summer nights with old friends.

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