Sunday, July 1, 2012

new perspectives

I've always had problems keeping up with a blog. It's because I've had no direction, but recently God has given me vision.

In in a previous post I talked about how superficial I had become. This blog shouldn't talk about material things, but the things God has put into my life.
This past week I went to Desperation Conference (google it!). It was my seventh time going, and it didn't disappoint. Here are my thoughts right after the conference ended.

As always, I'm sad to see Desperation end. It's such a great atmosphere to seek and hear the voice of God. But for some, it's a crutch. You get this mountain top experience, where everything is so easy. And life isn't easy. Every year I hear God speak to me and every year as soon as I get home, I choose to ignore God. Why have I feared living for the One who chose to die for me? Things of this world seem so petty. God has called me for so much more. Before (going to) YWAM, I need to purge myself of all the distractions and junk. And give up the things that take the place of Jesus. He [Jesus] has called me to fast and give up social media (bye bye Facebook). He has called me to give up and surrender my thoughts, to give up wasting time on movies and tv (or hulu/netflix). To stop wasting money on silly items that bring me no joy. The only thing I should be focused is Jesus. To know him, and make him known. Not shopping, not social media, not media. No more living for myself. I hate being so selfish! I hate ignoring YOU (God) and seeking enjoyment in things that don't sustain me. No more Hulu, no more Netflix - nore more facebook - no more shopping - I will spend the rest of my life in total surrender!

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